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Our Vision


In the next 10 years, the CRUN will become one of the major research and training center in sub-Saharan Africa, participating to seminal work for formulating and orienting African public health strategies and programs, and providing competent human resources in the field of health



Besides malaria, currently the main research subject, the activity of the CRUN will gradually expand to other diseases including bacterial infections, tuberculosis, HIV, schistomiasis and other neglected diseases. This will be achieved by developing a rigorous setting staffed with competent researchers/technicians in which high quality clinical research can be carried out. The CRUN should also become an active member of existing networks/consortia to increase its visibility and foster new collaborations.



The CRUN aims at becoming a major training center in the field of clinical research by attracting junior scientists, not only from Africa but also from other continents, who will learn by actively participating to ongoing research projects. The CRUN will also attract African junior scientists and will support them in obtaining high education degrees (MSc, PhD) in collaboration with Southern and Northern academic institutions. Some of them will be retained as core staff. In addition, the CRUN will develop a training program targeted to health professionals willing to acquire the clinical expertise on the management of tropical diseases.

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